Brookfarm Wild Berry Granola 400g

Brookfarm Wild Berry Granola 400g


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Wild Berry Granola is wildly delicious and rich in Australian grains and flavour. It includes tart cherries and blueberries, oven roasted premium nuts with just a touch of maple and Australian bush honey, and Australia’s native rainforest Superfood, The Davidson Plum.

The Davidson plum is an anti-oxidant powerhouse Ð and contains over 100 times the vitamin C of an Orange, and is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin E, zinc, folate, calcium and magnesium. With Brookfarm’s roots planted firmly in quality, this new granola introduces the best of our Australian rainforest to your breakfast bowl.


Place granola in a large bowl.
Cove with milk or yogurt. Stir to combine.
Topped with fresh fruits.
Let sit for a minute or so to soak and soften.


Store in a dry cool place.


Up to 10 months when properly stored. See Best Before date.

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