Chef Na’s Red Curry Paste

Chef Na’s Red Curry Paste


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Red curry is called ‘Gaeng Phet’ in Thai. The red colouring derived from dry red spur chilies. Red curry can put many fruits to cut the greasy taste, such as apple, pineapple, lychee or cherry tomatoes but just put one kind at a time. Normally Thai people use roasted duck but we recommended to replace that with tofu or mock duck.


Use as a stir-fry, a soup base, steam, or with coconut cream to create a delicious Thai red curry with pineapple, bamboo shoot, tofu or mock duck.


Store with the lid closed at ambient or chilled temperature. For best results keep cool.


Unopened Red Curry Paste will usually keep well for 24 months stored in the pantry. To extend the shelf life, refrigerate it.

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