Cranberries (400g) – Certified Organic

Cranberries (400g) – Certified Organic


Cranberries are a gorgeous pop of colour and flavour that can liven up both sweet and savoury dishes. Our regular dried cranberries are what some people refer to as ‘Craisins’ and have been produced using the finest quality fruit, halved and dried, ready to add to summery salads, a homemade terrine, or as a delicious snack on the run!


Dried cranberries can be used as an addition in various foods including salads, oatmeal, cookies, muffins, loaves, breads and trail mix. They can act as a direct replacement for raisins or any dried fruit.


Store the product in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.


Up to 12 – 18 months when properly stored.
See Best Before date.

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