Jensen Organic Crushed Chilli 200g

Jensen Organic Crushed Chilli 200g


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Jensens Organic Crushed Chilli is a staple for households that like their meals on the hotter side. Forget cutting up chillies with precaution, our pre-prepared chilli means that it is ready to use whenever you need to turn up the heat. Our crushed chilli adds the flavour and heat you desire. All you need to do is choose how much, or how little heat you’s like.
It is preservative free, with no nasties.
It is an organically certified product, recognised by Australian Certified Organic (ACO).


Perfect for Asian, Indian and Mexican dishes and for adding to plainer sauces to turn the heat up a notch. Spice up your nachos, create a chipotle sauce, or give that curry some heat.


Refrigerate After Opening


Consume within 3 months after opening

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